At IPMR we offer a variety of therapies under one roof. Whether you’ve received a sports related injury, have been in an automobile accident or are recovering from surgery IPMR’s physical therapy department will get you on the path to recovery.

We have several treatment plans catered to your particular need.

The rehabilitation of neck and low back problems occurs in three phases. During the first phase, called the acute phase we will treat the pain and inflammation. After we make a specific diagnosis and develop a treatment plan, we offer conservative treatment options such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, chiropractic adjustments, cervical and lumbar traction, ice and heat, medications and specialized injections.

In the second or recovery phase of treatment, flexibility and strength are developed to get the body parts into their proper positions. The goal of this phase is to get you back to your usual work, sports and leisure activities. This goal is achieved by specially designed exercises that rebuild the body. You might also be prescribed certain nutritional supplements to achieve this.

What makes Irvine Orthopedics and Physical Medicine unique is that we have a strong devotion to patient care. Each individual patient has his or her own therapist one-on-one. We emphasize quality time with each patient. We also have a special interest with geriatric patients.

The main goal of the third phase of treatment, the maintenance phase, is to minimize recurrence of the problem and to prevent further injury.