Questions and Answers

Q: Who will be in charge of patients care?
Depending on the protocol the doctor has ordered, it may be several different people. The MD oversees all patient care at Irvine PMR. Our Chiropractors, Physical Therapist, Massage Therapist, Medical Assistants and X-Ray Technician all play a part in daily patient care. Each and every patient protocol is designed with the patient to meet individual needs.

Q: What is passive therapy vs. active therapy?
Most patients will start in passive care, which is when a patient is in acute pain. Passive therapy includes but is not limited to Therapeutic massage (male & female), Modalities and light stretching. Once a patient has started to show signs of improvement and less pain they can begin active care. Active care is a program geared to strengthen and/or stabilize the patient to the best of their ability. Active care includes but again is not limited to working in the gym which has superior equipment including our Med X strengthening machines. Patients are encouraged to work towards eventually being on a maintenance program and/or home exercise program.

Q: What are modalities?
Modalities are a number of different applications to assist in patient therapy. Ultrasound employs the use of sound waves through a wand and a transmission gel for deep tissue healing. Electrical stimulation (also known as TENS) utilizes electrical currents through pads applied to the skin to relieve pain. Combination Therapy is the use of both ultrasound and electrical stimulation together. Using these two modalities together will relax muscle spasm. Traction and adjustments are procedures performed by a chiropractor to realign a body part back in to alignment. Some other modalities are the application of heat/cold, paraffin and stretches.

Q: How long will I be in treatment?
A diagnosis will be determined by the doctor. Together with the patient a manageable program per diagnosis and patient availability will be determined. Most patients are recommended to start physical therapy two to three times a week for the first four weeks. The doctor will reevaluate the patients program after every four weeks to asses’ improvement, problems in treatment, medications, etc. The length of treatment will depend on the diagnosis and patient participation.

Q: How long should I plan for each visit?
The first visit any patient will have is with the doctor. At this time, the reception desk will make sure all chart information including insurance information is complete. Next the nurse will take vitals and go over the patient’s history and medications. The doctor will then see the patient. He may order X-rays to be done on that day or at next visit or not at all. This first visit we tell patients usually take approximately between one to one and a half hours, although this does depend on history and depth of why the patient is coming in. Once a patient is established the reevaluations with the doctor should take approximately half of an hour. As for physical Therapy appointments we recommend approximately one hour.

Q: Do you do X-ray and Labs?
Our office is equipped to do X-rays from head to toe by our certified X-ray tech. EMG’s can be done by the physician in our office. We will schedule MRI’s, Labs, surgical consultations and procedures ordered by our doctor for the patient at a facility of their convenience.

Q: What kind of inject able medications does your Physician perform?
Jeff Olsen, MD is a physiatrist who specializes in pain management. There are numerous injections available including but not limited to; Demerol, Botox, Torodol, Synvisc, Kenalog, Robaxin. There are also different techniques used. For example Trigger Point and Prolotherapy.

Q: Do you dispense Medical Equipment?
We have many different types and sizes of durable medical equipment that can be dispensed from the office, including braces for all body parts, ice packs, crutches, walkers, theraband, therapeutic balls, exercise pullies, therapeutic pillows, TENS units and more. If there is equipment a patient needs and we do not have in stock, it can be ordered and delivered to the office within a reasonable time frame. We are also capable for fitting custom foot orthotics for sport, dress or everyday shoes.

Q: What do I wear to my appointments?
For a doctors visit there is no requirement. Physical therapy often entails a lot of movement and or stretching from the patient. We suggest clothing that is comfortable and allows for movement. Many patients wear gym attire, but it is not a necessity. The only item that is asked for the best possible treatment and safety of the patient is a pair of flat closed toed shoes.

Q: How will my therapy be scheduled?
The receptionist at the front desk will schedule you after your initial visit with the doctor. Most patients that come in for physical therapy will be scheduled per the doctor’s order however many times per week for the next four weeks. Our receptionists will accommodate the patients schedule to the best of their ability. Patients are able to call the front office and reschedule or cancel their appointment with a 24 hour notice without being charged a $25.00 fee for a missed appointment.

Q: What kind of insurance do you accept?
We are contracted with most PPO insurance companies. Please see list. We treat Work Comp cases and Personal Injury cases. Third Party liability cases are accepted with representation from an attorney. Medicare is also a contracted provider. We do not accept any HMO insurance companies. A discounted cash price and or payment plan is offered to those who do not have insurance. We verify all patients’ insurance benefits as a courtesy. This protects the patient and allows the office to know the insurance plan maximum benefits. It is a patient’s responsibility to be aware of their own insurance plan limitations. Patient bills go out once a month on the first of every month. Contracted PPO providers: Blue Cross United Healthcare Beech Street Blue Shield Interplan PHCS Humana First Health Aetna.

Q: Do patients need a doctor or insurance referral to receive treatment?
Most patients other than Work Comp do not. Patients should call their health plan to be sure. Once you have come to the office we will also verify your insurance.

Q: How much of an expense will I incur?
The expense for treatment depends entirely on your insurance plan. All insurance company benefits vary per plan. As contract with your insurance company, you may be responsible for a yearly deductible and co-pay or co-insurance percentage. All insurance companies pay according to their contract. This amount is something we do not know until we actually bill the insurance company and receive payment. We can give an approximate amount of what it may cost you per visit once we have verified your benefits. Patients without insurance will receive a discounted rate.

Q: What days and hours are you open?
Therapy Hours: Monday through Thursday 7 A.M. to 6 P.M. Fridays 7 A.M. to 5 P.M. Saturday and Sunday Closed. Doctor Hours: Monday through Friday 9 A.M. to 5 P.M.